Rain, Rain - There Has Been a Lot of it This Year

The average annual rainfall for the area is 49.71. But in just the first eight months of the year there's already been 51.04 inches.

By Judy Putnam

If you think it seems like a lot of rain has fallen in Alpharetta and Milton this year, you're right. Mother Nature has been sending an above average amount of the wet stuff in 2013.

According to the National Weather Service the Atlanta metro area received 5.24 inches in August. The average, based on data gathered between 1981-2010, is 3.90 inches.

And in July, when many a 4th-of-July celebration was cancelled due a deluge of rain, the metro area had 8.48 inches compared to 5.27 which usually falls during that month.

But August's 5.24 inches of precipitation didn't break any records. In 2006 the metro area received 8.66 - and in 2005 in the month of July 14.63 inches fell.

So what about the rest of the year. The prognosticators predict that October through December the area will move back into the normal range: 

Average Inches of Rainfall:
Oct:   3.41
Nov:  4.10
Dec:  3.90

The average rainfall for September is 4.47 inches, however, it's hurricane season so anything goes.

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