New Movie Theater Films Don't Have To Cost A Fortune

Head out to see Cars 2 or other new movies for a lot less than you think.

A movie-based membership club for families, called Cinemoms, has released some coupons on their Facebook page. These coupons can give holders a  huge savings on seeing new movies at the theaters. Movie goers can print as many coupons as they need but be sure to follow the directions on the page and get a new barcode for each coupon needed. 

Cars 2 coupons are available by printing them from this website.  Each one is good for entrance and a soda for the movie presentation at Studio Movie Grill. The cost per person for this deal is $5. There is no expiration listed so it appears that these are valid as long as the theater is showing the movie. It does not state that they can be used during certain showings only that if you select 3D theaters, there will be an extra charge. 

Mr. Popper's Penguins is also offered through Cinemoms. This coupon prints just like the Cars 2 one and the page must be regenerated between each coupon printed for a unique barcode. The cost for the movie and a soda at Studio Movie Grill is $6.25 per person with this deal. It does not have an expiration date and is only valid at Studio Movie Grill theater as well. 

Bad Teacher is not suitable for the kids but if the grown ups are up for a date night, this is an idea. Studio Movie Grill is the theater that has a full menu restaurant and bar that can be served to guests at tables while watching the movie so adults can enjoy dinner and a movie for a lot less money. The deal for bad teacher can be found here. This coupon is valid for entrance and a soda for $6.25 per person. Follow the directions to regenerate the coupons between printing so each one has a different barcode.

Lee at rootsinalpharetta.com July 01, 2011 at 02:07 PM
My wife uses the coupons from SMG on a regular basis. It's a very good deal. They will occasionally offer a similar deal on groupon, which makes me laugh. Everyone goes crazy when this happens, even though the same deal is on facebook almost all the time.
Tammy Nunley July 05, 2011 at 08:42 PM
Thanks for your comment Lee..we all love a good deal when it is something that gets so expensive otherwise.


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