Bear Spotted Inside Apartment Complex

A small black bear was seen wandering through the Cypress Point Apartments parking lot in Alpharetta on Saturday.

Courtesy: 11 Alive/WXIA
Courtesy: 11 Alive/WXIA
Residents in the Cypress Point Apartment complex got a surprise Saturday evening when a small bear creeped onto their gated community.

According to WXIA, the bear made a quick canvass through the parking lot before it disappeared. 

The complex sits off North Point Parkway north of Old Milton Parkway. According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife Resources Division, it's not uncommon for small bears, particularly male bears, to venture out into suburban and urban areas. 

"These young bears are often on their own for the first time after being forced out of traditional bear range by adult male bears," the agency said. "The young bears roam as they try to establish their own territory." 

Residents are encouraged to keep a safe distance away from these bears, and to never feed the animals. Specifically, Georgia DNR advises: 
  • Keep items such as grills, pet food and bird feeders off-limits to bears. 
  • Clean and store grills when not in use. 
  • Keep pet food indoors and remove bird feeders (April-November) if bears frequent your area. 
  • Use “bear-proof” garbage containers, or store garbage in the garage or other enclosed area until the morning of pick-up day.


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